Who We Are

IDEALS SYSTEMS is a venture company specialized in development of access control and security solution systems and their related peripherals with main clients currently in East Africa. We supply and customize several security solutions and access control devices, all classified by function and application (E.g. in Hotels, restaurants, pubs, offices, homes, banks, military- bases , warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals e.t.c)


our products range from Access Control Systems, Intercom Systems and security systems with products such as CCTV surveillance Systems, Cameras, Barrier Controls, Access and Proximity Control systems(Bio-metric) and so much more.


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Our company currently holds over 5 patents for stable technology related to sensor, electronic  & lock mechanisms with big difference from others you can appreciate in the end.

Whatever your need may be, either immediate or in the future, we are available for a demo at your convenience. For more/any clarification, kindly feel free to contact us.

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Our Range of Services

1. Proximity Rfid, Biometric Access Control & Time Attendace Systems.

2. Long Range Vehicle Rfid Access Control.

3. CCTV & IP Surveillance Solutions.

4. Networking & Embedded Multimedia Computerized Asset Barcoding & Tagging.

5. Automatic Gates.

6. Bollards & Barriers.

7. Undervehicle Surveillance Surveillace.

8. Electric Fence & Intrusion Alarm Systems.

9. Revenue Parking Management System.

10. X-RAY & Walk-thru’ Scanner Systems.

11. Building Automation/management System(BAS).

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