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We are Ideal Systems Limited
A Venture Company Specialized In Development Of Access Control And Security Solution and Systems
Ideal Systems Ltd is a Hi security and solution provider using advanced security mechanisms and their related peripherals with main clients currently in East Africa. We supply and customize several security solutions and access control devices, all classified by function and application (E.g. in Hotels, restaurants, pubs, offices, homes, banks, military- bases , warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals etc.)

Our company currently holds over 5 patents for stable technology related to sensor, electronic and lock mechanisms with notable reliability status, an edge above peers in the industry.

Why Choose Us

Professional and Without Compromise

Whether you’re looking for specific security testing or are actively seeking a long-term partner to help secure your information technology assets, we offer smart alternatives and Options that can be both tailored and comprehensive.

Absolute Professionalism

Customized and Undivided attention to all solutions for all our clients

Proactive Support

Reliable and round the clock on all implemented solutions / products. post-purchase / installation.

25+ Years Experience

Cumulative, skills and competencies of our progressive team of experts in...

Trusted & Tested

Products and solutions are from the best brands in the market, highly rated.

Innovative & Dynamic

Always re-inventing solutions to suit the vogue status and demands of the markets and Industries.


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