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Automation as one of our premier solutions is basically the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services, customized to the specific environment of operations. At Ideal Systems our automated systems are composed of elements designed to perform a set of tasks that have been programmed. Operational and repetitive tasks become less of a burden and makes your life simpler and easier, hence increased productivity.

Solutions We Offer

Our bespoke automation systems cut across the smart security and general areas as listed below:-

The demand for parking especially within towns has been on an upward trend thus the need for car park automation. Our Revenue Parking Management Systems  enables organization to effectively utilize their parking space with the benefits below:-

  • Makes parking easier and faster,
  • Reduces traffic congestion attributed to vehicles looking for parking space
  • Maximized revenue generated from parking
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces Illegal Parking and Pilferage
  • Enhances security
  • Ensures integrity of parking transactions, reducing payment conflicts for number of hours parked.

Ideal Systems Ltd. supplies and installs parking management solutions from reputable brands. Our systems range from simple and safe parking management, to occasional and subscribed parkers, to solutions for large/heavy demand.

We are one of the leading suppliers and installer of biometric attendance systems in Kenya. We supply and install Employee Biometrics time attendance management Systems and biometric user verification solutions, biometric access control system, fingerprint attendance system software, biometric school attendance software and biometric staff attendance management system.

Ideal Systems Ltd., is a perfect Hi security & solution provider using advanced security mechanisms.Biometric Time attendance systems help in registration of arrival and departure times. As a leading provider of the Biometric time attendance systems in Kenya, our Facial recognition and fingerprint scanner and reader systems can register thousands of fingerprints and keep all attendance logs in the systems database. Like our other security products, our time attendance systems can be advanced by integration with biometric access control systems.

With the main measure of contactless deterrent  of COVID 19; the Proximity RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems enable a card and a card reader to communicate without the need for one to physically touch or contact the other.

The card need only be placed in close proximity to the reader for communication to occur–hence the term proximity.

Ideal Systems Ltd., is a perfect Hi security & solution provider using advanced security mechanisms.Any access transaction that can be conducted without the card needing to be inserted into or swiped through a reader can have great benefits. With no openings or exposed components, the chance for damage due to weather, vandalism, or normal operation is greatly diminished. 

View our Standalone proximity Card Readers and Online Proximity Card Readers products.

Ideal Systems Ltd., is a perfect Hi security & solution provider using advanced security mechanisms.We supply, install and maintain X-Ray & Walk-Thru’ Scanner Systems, that are developed effectively to prevent carrying in fatal concealed weapons.

With dual detection modes (Gun & Metal). With superior ability to discriminate guns & similar sizable metal objects from small and harmless ones, which people carry in their daily lives like coins, mobile phones, beverage cans, belt buckles, etc. It shows the moving picture through the monitor. Storing up to 250 snapshots on replacing basis with new shots.

When it comes to assets information / verification, what are your choices? Few business have the internal resources available to properly assess assets inventory – moreover when there may be lots of years of unverifiable data to reconcile.

Ideal Systems Ltd., is a perfect Hi security & solution provider using advanced security mechanisms.Our solutions for Asset tagging is  modelled precisely as the process of labeling commercial business assets to more efficiently and accurately identify them for financial reporting, location tracking, maintenance management, and loss prevention. We are fixed asset tagging company in Kenya providing the tamper proof asset tags, aluminum asset tags and all fixed asset tagging services.

Managing and tracking inventory can be a challenge in small and mid-sized companies. If you are still using paper lists and physically counting each item at least once a year, you are probably ready to check out efficient tracking software.  A barcode computerized system will eliminate the hurried searching for a misplaced tool and the frustration of a stock shortage. You will know how much of each item is on hand and exactly where it is.

With our integrated barcode systems, easy-to-use and implement software, award-winning hardware, and comprehensive training and technical support, Ideal Systems Limited. has all your tracking needs covered.


At Ideal Systems Ltd, we dedicated in providing exceptional traffic management solutions to companies in order to help prevent unauthorized access to their premises, for the safety of the staff, assets and their clients. We supply, install and maintain extremely durable and long lasting barriers that give you efficient increase in your level of security at the same time as giving you many years of robust and reliable service with very little continual maintenance required.

Automatic Bollards, our rising bollards have been designed and tested to resist high impact forces and work smoothly yet reliably in all environmental conditions. Varied applications that include high traffic areas where deploying and retracting bollard is larger in frequency. 

Automatic Gates, available for commercial or domestic purposes. All gates are bespoke and can be tailored to your specific needs. At Ideal Systems Ltd we have a vast selection of automatic gate options available to you. The type of material you would like the electric gate made from, the requirement of the gate and the level of security that you wish it to bring you are just some of the decisions we will help guide you through.

Lately the number of burglary and theft cases reported is increasing daily. Normal methods like employing a watchman, setting up fences around your house or even installing CCTV cameras are being bypassed by sophisticated burglary techniques.

Our smart security systems do more than alert you if a burglar tries to break into your premises. With vogue technologies such as your Wi-Fi network to connect entry sensors and sirens to devices like smart door lockssmart thermostats, and smart lightbulbs. Once connected, these devices can talk to each other and integrate with your security system to make your life more convenient and more secure.

Our Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) are designed to provide a fast and effective means for security specialists to inspect the undercarriage of a vehicle without causing great instabilities to the traffic flow. Installed at crucial entry points of buildings or critical infrastructure. UVSS consist of Observation Unit (OU) that screens the undercarriage of the vehicle and Receiving Station (RS) that allows viewing, recording, storing and managing images easily.

UVSS integration with VLPR (Vehicle License Plate Recognition System) consists of a VLPR camera and a powerful computerized processor that is built to read alphabets, numbers or unique characters.

The system requires only seconds to deliver the captured vehicle number thus the slow process of having personnel to manually record vehicle license plate numbers is eliminated.

Secure and easy to useIdeal Systems Ltd., is a perfect Hi security & solution provider using advanced security mechanisms. long range user and vehicle identification. Ideal Systems Limited supplies, installs and maintain reliable long-range RFID vehicle identification and access control solution that quickly and automatically identifies drivers and vehicles in any weather condition.

Appropriate for parking lots, garages, or gated communities, the system empowers free-flowing vehicle access control and reduces queues in entrances and exits. This automated vehicle identification and access solution simplifies the management of your available parking spaces by controlling vehicle’s entering and leaving the grounds.

We are a leading company in installing and configuring high performance security surveillance networks. With extensive experience in the installation of surveillance camera systems for both, traditional coaxial analog closed-circuit television systems and the advent of digital IP-based network cameras with advanced digital recording, infrared (IR) night-vision, pan-tilt-zoom and other features.

Our installation specialists have the capability to install a variety of surveillance camera systems that vary in scale from a single monitoring camera for a small retail operation to an advanced motion-detecting system networked at strategic points of a facility or business’ perimeter and interior security points with a central monitoring management station either on premises or remotely.

Ideal Systems Ltd., is a perfect Hi security & solution provider using advanced security mechanisms.Ideal Systems Limited is an electric fence solution provide comprehensive Property Security as a Service. Our perimeter security systems and electrified fences stop theft before it happens. Once in place the system creates a psychological as well as physical barrier to prevent would-be intruders from achieving their objective. By design the systems actively detect all attempts to gain unauthorized access! Would-be intruders who come into contact with the system are repelled by a safe but painful electric shock. Any attempts to cut, load, short-circuit or tamper with the system are detected and alarms are generated. Cost effective and reliable combined alarm and electric fence deterrent designed to provide a physical barrier that delivers a non-lethal electric shock and alerts any attempted intrusion.

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Ideal Systems Ltd is a Hi security and solution provider using advanced security mechanisms and their related peripherals with main clients currently in East Africa.
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