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Access Control Systems

A. Standalone proximity Card Readers (PR513)

This simple application is a powerful and cost-effective solution to control physical access. Main card reader, PR513, includes keypads that are used for PIN access as we provides good durability against temperature, moisture, and illegal modification when it is installed outside. It reads card data and sends the data to the main reader .The main reader operates connected electric locks or alarm devices well as for programming .It can register up to 4000 users and records up to 4000 entry status, which can be printed out by a serial printer or seen by PC using HyperTerminal program. The auxiliary card reader.

B. Online Proximity Card Readers (PR523)

This is a complete solution for monitoring and controlling physical access and time attendance. It consists of a PC/server, a card register, software, card readers, and electric locks. This software is a powerful tool, enabling complete control over both entrance security and time and attendance for your work place. It enables you to limit access to any work area, to set time zone, and to store entry events. Access control unit controls door operations and records access data from card readers.

A. Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Devices

MagicPass7100, & NAC-2500/3000 series are the newly
fingerprint identification device (or card reader device) with wide, Membership Management and so on, this device would provide applicable scope which needs the user identification, like Access Control, Time & Attendance.

  • Exit Door Control, Time & Attendance, Overtime Labor Management;- Four Function Keys available for the Time & Attendance could be used flexibly in Programming the customized Software. One Terminal could be applicable for many kinds of functions..
  • Available for both STAND ALONE and Network with ACU and PC;- It is possible to use MagicPass7100 as STAND ALONE or network with ACU, and when using the ACU network system the PROTOCOLs like Wiegand/RS2 3 2 / RS485avaliable. Moreover the bundle Software could make it possible to connect t to PC directly thru RS232/RS485.And the RTC and Log Management Function(5000 times) enables Access Control and Time & Attendance without ACU. NITGEN, a leader in the fingerprint recognition area, has provided fingerprint recognition solutions for the management of PC security, knowledge, safe, access control, electronic payment and
    financial clearings.

B. Digital/Mechanical Card Locks

Mechanical card lock has several lock functions, such as entrance function, hotel lock function, and classroom function. Digital locks provide. Access either by password verification, finger print verification or combination of both for higher security level application. They have the following features and Application: Mechanical Card lock as an override, Self checking, Crime prevention, Convenient one-touch operation, Compulsory Lock Button. The digital card lock is highly suitable for banks, institutions, storeroom, cash room for forex, military area, laboratories, museums, hotels and others.

Most of the car hi-jacking and theft have been known to happen during entry at the main gate by motorists. It is for this reason that we would like to introduce our AUTO GATE SYSTEM. Our system allows the user to get in the compound without getting out of his car. This prevents attack from would be assailants. Our automation system adds value to your home. You will be able to come and go feeling safe and secure, without getting out of the car. The children will be safe and protected when playing in the garden. The system will continue to work even during power failures thanks to the rechargeable batteries (optional)… MORE ON GATES

A. Home Videophone & Common Gate Camera Systems;-

For 60% of our clients, we have integrated the use of door phones with access controls systems. This ensures that before you authorize entry for a visitor/client, you verify the identity
through tele-conversation. It has the following advantageous features over the rest in
the market; Supports up to 450 house connections (10 key button type), Door open functionality by access control (10 key button type) or by RF cards (optional), Up to
4pcs of common gate cameras connection in a building, Normal & pinhole lens
camera (KLP-P series) selection.

B. Intercom (Office/Home) Systems;-

Whatever distance is your entry terminal to the House, we provide a video system that’s able to monitor and control Guests using Color and B/W video door phones for single houses
as well as Apartments. we also provide other intercom devices according to your specifications.

1st. Turnstile & Electric Rising Kerb Barriers;-

Tough , reliable and un-compromising-New-gates quick response , hydraulically operated Rising Kerb Barrier provides the perfect solution for unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned vehicle parks. They also provide the perfect deterrence against the most determined intruder. Available in two types and four sizes; A state of the art programmable logic controller co-ordinates the hydraulics, access control and traffic light signaling system. The new generation of Multi-functional full and half height turnstiles—Bsic features, such as 90/120 degrees rotor assemblies, canopies, down lights and fire alarm activation to engage free rotation, are available to suit individual requirements.

2nd. Vehicle Control & Visitors entry control;-

The under Vehicle Monitoring System SecuScan essentially compromises a scanning unit, a work station, traffic light s and a light barrier; depending on the system option, SecuScan uses hard rubber as well as a steel construction for the static system. The Scanning unit (height=11cm/4.3″) consists of a line camera, a mirror and an infrared LED lighting unit.. Through a small slit in the scanning unit, the camera captures the entire underside of a vehicle in moving traffic. Newgate pedestrian gates, combined with an electric lock and automatic closing device, can be fully intergrated with a range of access control system such as card, push button, keypad or intercom, providing secure and managed entry/exit to factory premises and leisure facilities.

Security Solutions

A. Standalone CCTV-cameras:

Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems serve many functions and are used in both public and private settings. CCTV surveillance systems aim to be purposeful in the following ways; Prevention/Deterrence, Detection, Self discipline (by potential  offenders)

    • With these systems the following is featured;

Ideal Systems Ltd., is a perfect Hi security & solution provider using advanced security mechanisms.

  • Remote viewing and access possible through LAN or WAN
  • Real time images which can be saved in memory and later be archived- saved in external memory e.g. CD format
  • Expandable memory capacity, hence more recording time
  • Schedule recording- time, date, holiday, event recording
  • Motion detection recording
  • Multi-channel viewing- can connect and view up to 16 cameras at the same time on one screen

BIP-Cameras (Video Server & Network Camera)

The iCan-Server 410 is a state of the art 1-channel AV server which transmits both video and audio data in real time with high-resolution at high frame rate. This is possible through MPEG-4 CODEC technology, which provides data transmission at high
compression rates with high data resolution via networks. The iCanServer410 can be connected, controlled and monitored from a remote location through an IP address. Unlike CCTV or DVR, the iCanServer410 is easy to install and
also cuts costs and space without any additional installation.
Based on Embedded Software Solution (Embedded Web Server, Embedded Streaming Server, Network Protocol), the iCanServer410 ensures high performance and stability and provides integration of various Internet solutions.

C. PC-Based DVR Cameras

ASEVA Gun Detector;-

As a Total Security Solution Provider, we would like to introduce our “SEVA GUN DETECTOR”. Our “Seva Gun Detector” detects gun selectively from all shapes and sizes of metal objects, which ordinary people keep with them. Our system minimizes unnecessary checking and unpleasant activity to the visitors by detecting intelligently. SEVA Sentry System BT-2000 has two modes Integrated Gun Detection System, Gun Detection Gate only, *You may purchase gate only however you will miss all other intelligent capabilities of the full system.

B. Light Weight 3600 (Handheld/Dual) METAL DETECTOR;-

From airports, schools and special events to courthouses, corrections and law enforcement, the new Garrett SuperWand makes everyone an effective security screener The Super Wands exclusive 360 degree Plus detection
field provides uniform sensitivity 360 degree along the scan area and pinpointing at the tip–all to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy.

C. Walk thru’ Security Gates/mantrap Door;-

This is developed effectively to prevent carrying in fatal concealed weapons. It has dual detection modes (Gun & Metal). It has superior ability to discriminate guns &
similar sizable metal objects from small and harmless ones, which people carry in their daily lives like coins, mobile phones, beverage cans, belt buckles, e.t.c. It shows the moving picture through the monitor. It stores up tp 250 snapshots on replacing basis with new shots.

1st. Intruder verifiable Security Alarm System;-

The Cyber-eye is a home security alarm that detects an intruder and a fire. It calls pre-stored phone numbers (Mobile phone and Telephone) and sends a recorded voice message when the system detects an intruder or a fire. In addition, you can monitor sound and scare the intruder away with the speakerphone function.

  • Applications; Offices, Residential, Banks, Learning Institutions, Hospital, Hotel, Warehouse, e.t.c
  • Optional Sensors; Wireless Motion/Fire Sensor, Wireless Door Sensor, Wireless Window Sensor, Wireless Emergency Switch (Panic Button), Wireless Wrist Transmitter (Wrist Panic Button), Wireless Smoke Sensor, Wireless Out-door Sensor, Wireless Emergency Lamp & Siren.
2nd. Wireless Central Monitoring System;-

Sends signals to the receiver (Central monitoring room or guardrooms) when intrusion, fire gas leak or any other emergency events are happened. Suitable for apartments, schools, hospitals, warehouses , underground parking lots and military area.

1st. Intruder verifiable Security Alarm System;-

Hi-tech Computer guard system, is a round the clock, year-round convenience and comfort with perfect patrol and safety management from Guard tour. Minimum Cost! Maximum Efficiency;- Provides a convenient search and practical use with computerized patrol activity data. Secure access to patrol activity data, Easy installation -No separate wire line, no movable check points, Easy Expansion -over 5,000 patrol points.


  1. General Sector -Guardian/Patrol management, Facility safety check, Entry/ Exit Control, Restaurant Management, Vehicle Control, -Stock/Hospital Management, Safety Check in Construction site.
  2. Industrial Sector -Facility Check in Huge Factory, production line Check and Management
  3. Public sector-Police Agency, Police Station: Regional / Military patrol management Gvt. Complex management

This comprises of a scanning unit, a workstation, traffic lights and a light barrier; depending on the system option, SecuScan uses hard-rubber pads and protection ramps for the mobile as well as a steel construction for the static system. It consist of of a camera, a mirror and an infrared LED lighting unit. Through a small slit in the scanning unit, the camera captures the entire underside of a vehicle in moving traffic. Zoom capabilities support the identification of details up to a size of 5mm (02″). This facilitates the fast and efficient detection and analysis of suspicious objects.

Break-ins. Natural disasters. Stray projectiles. Whatever the cause of impact, glass doors and windows are vulnerable to damage – and broken glass poses a hazard of its own. You can’t control crime, accidents or the weather, but you can get an added layer of protection – one that’s virtually invisible. Safety & Security Window Films make glass harder to penetrate and hold shattered pieces in place, helping keep both people and property safe from dangers posed by intruders, severe weather and broken glass.